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> Pre-Reset 2020-01-01 (5.8GB Zipped)
> Pre-Reset 2019-09-01 (5.2GB Zipped)
> Pre-Reset 2019-05-01 (4.8GB Zipped)
> Pre-Reset 2019-01-02 (5.6GB Zipped)

How to use:

  1. Download the desired world file
  2. Start Tekkit Classic
  3. Go to the "Texture Packs" menu
  4. Click "Open Folder"
  5. Go up one level to the ".technic/modpacks/tekkit" folder
  6. Open the "saves" folder
  7. Move the downloaded world archive to the "saves" folder
  8. Unzip the downloaded world archive directly to the "saves" folder

You should now be left with a "world" folder with files inside of it. You can rename this folder to whatever you want.

To play on this world, go to the single player world selection menu, then select the world that matches the name of the folder you extracted.

Extras: PewDiePie Sounds Pack for Minecraft 1.7.10 (100MB)